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ICPEsolution Software Ensures a Smoother Analysis Process

ICPEsolution Software Ensures That Analysis Can Be Started Smoothly

Start measurements easily by simply clicking icons on the assistant bar in order.

Acquisition for All Wavelengths and Assistant Functions Ensure a Smoother Analysis Process

The ICPE-9800 series' assistant functions, which combine extensive spectral data with a substantial database, enable easy optimization of methods and a simpler, more efficient analytical workflow.

Acquisition for All Wavelengths Allows You to Freely Add Elements and Wavelengths

Acquisition for All Wavelengths
Even after measurements are finished, the elements and wavelengths can be added, which allows you to confirm the quantitative or qualitative data. Because data are acquired for all wavelengths, there is no need to reanalyze samples.

Three Functions Make Method Optimization Easy

Automatic Wavelength Selection

This function automatically selects the optimal wavelengths for the measurement sample based on the SB ratio and whether or not there is interference from the matrix.

Diagnosis Assistant
This function automatically checks for any problems with the method and, if any are discovered, it suggests the best way to resolve them. This allows anyone to quickly obtain accurate analytical values.

Interelement Correction

This function is useful if high-matrix samples cannot be quantitated accurately due to optical interference at all analytical wavelengths. ICPEsolution software allows users to easily perform interelement correction by simply adding a calibration sample for the interfering element to the calibration curve sample.

Method Development Assistant

This function uses the results of qualitative analysis to automatically create a method (including wavelengths and calibration curve concentrations) depending on the concentrations of the elements targeted for measurement and the matrix in the sample. User method development can be performed smoothly.



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