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High-speed analysis

High-speed analysis

Furthermore, samples are measured at a fast 6 pixels per second*, dramatically shortening your experiment time. In this example, the distribution of seminolipids in the mouse testis was successfully visualized within 3 hours (2.5 mm square).

*Ionization time: 50 ms,
mass range: m/z 500–1000, MS mode


Optical Image

MS Images

The images show characteristic distributions of seminolipids (m/z 795.5 and 809.5) and phosphatidylinositols (m/z 885.5) in mouse testis. In this example, 9-aminoacridine was vapor-deposited as a matrix on the sample, and mass spectra were measured in negative ion mode. Negative ion spectra are simpler than positive ion, making it easier to identify target molecules. Negative ion analysis is frequently used for low molecular weight metabolite analysis.



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